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Reconfigurable Metasurfaces for Telecommunications

The research and development of integrated optical components for fiber-based optoelectronics is continuously evolving. In addition to the miniaturization down to the micrometer scale, the current aim is to develop new and more efficient tunable devices.

The Reconfigurable Metasurfaces for Telecommunications project aims to develop tunable nanostructured devices (metastructures) in the near-infrared wavelength range (1200 - 1600 nm) that will prove useful for fiber-based telecommunications and devices.

The proposed devices will be different from simple switches or splitters. They will be more complex and will allow a unique combination of different optical functions depending on specific needs, such as focusing or filtering.

This project is supported by Fondazione Cariplo under the initiative Attrattività.


  • Salvatore Del Sorbo– PostDoc